August 13th, 2007

TC - with garbage

Old van ain't what it used to be

ruggels had to get his replacement car today, and this required a few stops in various places to get ready. To do this required me to drive around the 1988 Dodge van we have had since 1995.

Almost 20 years old, its showing its age. The ongoing electrical leak required it to be charged up overnight - and on top of theat even jump started as the main battery has been cycled to death. After driving around and Finally dropping off my passenger with his new vehicle, I headed up north back to home and shortly after getting on the I5 it started overheating.

I made it home, and it finished boiling over in the driveway. With fuel at the cost it is these days, I doubt we will be making any more trips in it. Its slow, loud and really beat up at this point. True, a lot of personal history, but its time to move on I suppose. I should have ruggels scope out a new vehicle for me, he did a pretty good catch on this one.