December 25th, 2002


That special is on WAY too much

About 20 years ago a Christmas special was made that was simply called "A Christmas Story". Unlike most Christmas specials, this one is fairly good. Unfortunately most of the other ones are so bad that every Christmas they feel compelled to run this single show continuously for 24 hours straight. How much of this does anybody want to see?

I took a nap after getting home from work yesterday, and it was on. It was on when I woke up, when a friend came over to walk his dog, and when I went back to sleep. It's still running now. Is there nothing else?

A dull, uninteresting Christmas

I like to fall asleep watching TV. I had forgotten that. As a result I'm saving on heating by shutting the heat off to the bedrooms. I'll sleep on the couch again, watching TV. Spent over an hour on the phone today, thanks to my flat rate calling plan. Not much of anything going on here.

Had something of a low level cold for the past few days. Seem to be really sensitive to cold, unusual for me. Time to wrap up in blankets and watch whatever TV happens to be on.

Hope all my friends are enjoying themselves more.
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