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Late spring cleaning

I'm up to 44 items on Bay at the moment (www.huzzah.biz) and I haven't touched the pile of 100+ player piano rolls or the antique telephone collection I need to trim.

Advantage of having everything of mine down out of the ceiling is that there are now no surprises left, I know what I have and what I'm dealing with.

It's still a lot though. I have enough stuff *after* this run to do another mega ebay garage sale. I'm going to spread it out though, as auctions get people to look at the regular store items. This initial run was for basic reasons - make some money and clear out space. I've accumulated the equivalent of my own Hollywood wardrobe department over the years, the stuff doesn't suit my personality anymore and most of it no longer fits anyway.

Some of the more bizarre stuff like the East German panzer uniform are already going to go, but the more conventional looking standard US stuff will either go cheap or end up with Goodwill. But it needs to get out of here.
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