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Orientation day complete

Apparently my VMI diploma is good for more than I thought it was, despite it being 26 years old. It's now confirmed I CAN do this in three semesters.

What surprised me when I first got here is that there were two guys who looked like Ben & Jerry handing out anti war protest literature. They looked old enough I was tempted to ask if they had been standing in the same place doing the same thing in 1967. I told them I was for the war, but against the troops. They looked confused.

Different stuff transferred than what I thought, but I wound up with a similar amount of overall credit. As it now stands my first semester will be 17 credit hours, provided I get into all the standby classes. General education classes are pretty much covered except for one health class. I'll try and fit into that slot that opened up when I dropped the algebra class I don't need.

They also want me to take a computer science class but I can probably show them the transcript from UOP and get out of that. Its possible I can do this in three semesters without having to go to summer and winter short sessions as I had planned.

Sitting here waiting for a cafe terminal to open up taught me a good bit about what the average 20 year old looks at on the internet. I was surprised at how popular myspace.com seems to be. All the rage, from the looks of it. Lots of music sites, and girls looked at clothing store stuff.
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