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White Star Line


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Perseid meteor shower

Three nights in a row I've seen these shoot across the sky. Harbingers of doom. Tad late, god. Tell me something I don't know.

Huzzah! #47 will look substantially better than #46 did. If I can't make it look right, I'm killing the book right there. There would be one more, perhaps, but members only.

martes wasn't happy with the magic cards we got on Ebay. It was a tad thin in terms of the rare & special cards she hoped would be in there. I'm guessing all I can do about that is take all the leftover duplicate cards that are accumulating and sell them on Ebay to get another new box for another try.

Incidentally, the latest round of garage cleaning is generating a bunch of Ebay activity. I'm selling off a bunch of my own toys at this point. Hey, have a look. http://www.huzzah.biz/

Those T shirts I made up yesterday suck. But it was worth a try I suppose. Old transfer paper and old shirts. I suppose the cafepress stuff will look ok - provided we are even in that business for very long.

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loiosh_de_talto August 14th, 2002
You do awesome work. Huzzah is one of the reasons I became involved in the community.

vickimfox August 14th, 2002
Huzzah is my favourite furry publication!
It features most of my favourite artists and always interesting to read.
I've got over a year outstanding on my subscription via Rabbit Valley.

I am curious what happened with issue 46. Were there a lot of colour pictures, which don't reproduce well to B&W?

Maybe if the paper distribution is getting to be a pain, maybe it might be worth looking into electronic distribution? Instead of 200 pages of paper, a simple CD. There are several possible electronic formats possible. Probably HTML documents or PDF file. I sort of like PDF, because then if someone wants a paper version, it is easy for them to print it for themselves.

Thanks always for creating the publication. I really appreciate your hard work!!
Thank you!!

titanic August 14th, 2002
We switched from regular photocopy printing to all digital. A lot of the printed images were "jpegs" which look OK on a computer screen, but do not print well at all. A lot of the pages were also done on a low end printer.

We now have the file format right, and only use a high end 1200 DPI printer. All remaining problems will be due to the editor not being able to spell names. And a test print will be passed around among several people to find the mistakes before the final production run is done. I knew the transition issue would have problems, but #46 had a bit more than was anticipated....

shoka August 15th, 2002
Electronic distribution would be a _bad_ thing. There is no good way to
control access once the cdrom has been distributed and having the data in
electronic form already means it is 1000x easier to pirate.

Distributing as an html means anyone with access to the cdrom can take
the image files off and do what ever they want with them. As a pdf, heck,
the whole thing can just be posted to usenet. Yah, I know you can put usage
restrictions on pdfs, just like I know there are tools for removing those

Distributing as html or pdf means the cdrom owner can print as many copies
as they like for their friends. Or heck, just duplicate the cdrom and share
that with their buds.

Much as I like trees, it'd be better to have the dead-tree version. At
least with it, I can read my favorite zine where ever I want to, without
having to lug a laptop along.

vickimfox August 15th, 2002
Given how cheap scanners are these days, even paper art is no protection from privacy. In less than a minute, a paper based image can be scanned and then emailed.

A 200 page graphical document in PDF format would probably be a 50 MB to 100 MB or more file. A little too big to post on a newsgroup.

I do agree with the portability of paper that a CDROM doesn't have. But, that level of portability is only meaningful if the publication is constantly referenced. However, for the view once or twice type publication, I'm not sure if a high level of portability is needed.

shoka August 15th, 2002
Agreed, scanning is a quick and easy way to pirate art these days as well,
just not as easy as having the files on disk and being able to instantly
upload. If someone wants to do the whole issue today, using your rough
figures, 30 seconds * 200 pages is still over an hours worth of work
added to the upload time.

On uploading the whole pdf, agreed it'd be a large file to start with,
but unscrupulous folks upload complete software packages and movies from
dvd to usenet. Some more than an order of magnitude larger than a 100 meg

And I read my issues of Huzzah more than once or twice. *chuckle*

So I agree to disagree, hope that Dwight and co. continue to produce
Huzzah and if so, produce a paper version.

ruggels August 15th, 2002
You may have anothe4r mothe4rboard and Cyrix chip to sell. The package I sent you a month and a half ago, has returned. Apparently it stayed in the P.O. by your hhose, and was :unsigned for, and unclaimed". aparently you were supposed to pick it up there. I can re-send it after I get back, if you'd like. Also tell roz that the matting is fine. no worries.


I missed most of it.

film2edit August 15th, 2002
I got to see a "preview" on the 10th, with seeing a few shooting stars (one that had a nice long tail!) and many other people caught a glimps of many more that night while out in Yosemite. Unfortunately, my plans to head out to Big Bear to watch the peak fell through. Oh well. Maybe next yr. I've heard about the meteors since 1994, but this was the first year I even got to catch a glimps of them.

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