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Perseid meteor shower

Three nights in a row I've seen these shoot across the sky. Harbingers of doom. Tad late, god. Tell me something I don't know.

Huzzah! #47 will look substantially better than #46 did. If I can't make it look right, I'm killing the book right there. There would be one more, perhaps, but members only.

martes wasn't happy with the magic cards we got on Ebay. It was a tad thin in terms of the rare & special cards she hoped would be in there. I'm guessing all I can do about that is take all the leftover duplicate cards that are accumulating and sell them on Ebay to get another new box for another try.

Incidentally, the latest round of garage cleaning is generating a bunch of Ebay activity. I'm selling off a bunch of my own toys at this point. Hey, have a look. http://www.huzzah.biz/

Those T shirts I made up yesterday suck. But it was worth a try I suppose. Old transfer paper and old shirts. I suppose the cafepress stuff will look ok - provided we are even in that business for very long.
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