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White Star Line


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Narniafox 1


Used to be a domain that I owned, but I let the oddball extensions all expire sometime back.

Huzzah.us is now some LJ clone type community with a broken join page. Hasn't been corrected or updated since August 1.

Some guy wrote me recently and said it didn't look like I was using huzzah.com for very much so he wanted to give it to him. Sure.

In other internet domain activity, tuffylaw.org has been taken offline. It's been 10 months and the Kansas incident is now bigger news, so Tuffy is to be forgotten.

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mortonfox December 27th, 2005
Happy birthday!

jbdutton December 27th, 2005
Hi DJ i wonder if my attempts to send Hallmark e Card s worked

I am so computer illlllliterate

Did you hear tht the fox hunts went on as usual in England but the dogs ahve been severely trained NOT TO KILL the foxes? Public outcry saved thed ay

Now I dont know how to send t his

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