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Last of the original household appliances starts to go

We have replaced the roof, water heater and dishwasher. We had to install a washer, dryer and refrigerator as the house didn't even have those.

The last of the original appliances was the gas range. Even though we hardly use it at all, one of the burner switches has a short in it that's blowing the fuse. It's a "Caloric" brand range.

When I looked that up on the internet, the first site I got was for "vintage stove parts" That's not good.

Caloric was a major brand of household appliance for decades, but eventually lost out to the Japanese. What we have is actually a low end unit equivalent to what Sears sells for about $400. In fact, the one we have doesn't even fit properly and sits about 5" away from the wall as the connecting pipes in the back don't match up.

So I disconnected the malfunctioning switch. It's a gas range so it all still works, we just have to use matches to light the burners on the left side.

Stove has to last about two more years. Hopefully it will make it.
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