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White Star Line


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(no subject)

At this point there are no longer any boxes of "stuff" in the attic part of the garage. At least not mine, there are lots of martes boxes up there. Everything left in the rafters can be identified without the aid of a ladder, its mostly empty luggage and boxes.

I took down a collection of 100+ player piano rolls that I brought back from Connecticut years ago. Later this evening after it cools down I will start listing them on ebay. It will be a major undertaking, but I will *never* need these things and I may as well have the money.

I discovered I have *five* coolers. Enough to carry all the food for a fair sized party.

I also discovered a couple packages of special paper I had gotten from Staples during a promotion a long time ago and then forgotten about. One of which was a pack of T-shirt transfer paper, so I played around with that a bit.

First experiment was a so-so success. The transfer worked fine, but I put the image on the front too low. Then for the one on the back I actually scorched the shirt a bit. But it was, after all, a fairly old and already wearing out shirt, so no loss. I did do one more and the other one worked out fairly well, except it's a bit off center. Oh well, learning curve with everything.

Reminds me of when we made up the "Space Wolf" T Shirts. The entire batch was printed on old army green T shirts, as I had a bunch of them, and the army had just converted to brown and I had to get rid of all the green shirts I had. I'm going to do one more on an old army brown T shirt, as I now no longer need them either. These are actually the same images I'm using on cafepress, so these are sort of prototype shirts.

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shoka August 13th, 2002
With the T-shirt transfer paper, what works best for me is making the iron as hot as possible, then use the end (about the top 2 inches) pressed against the paper. Keep the iron moving quickly to not scorch the paper or shirt.

c_eagle August 14th, 2002
I haven't done many, but I do like customizing a t-shirt this way :>

The 99c store also has some cool blank baseball caps which I thought could easily receive transfers too.. no go so far.. :P Can't get the surface flat enough.. thank goodness a few 99c experiments aren't too much of a loss..

Best I can think of as a solution is to iron onto a patch and stitch it on the hat.. any other suggestions?

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