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Podcast Veterinarians

The joys of a TiVo. One of which being it can play audio files from a remote computer. In this case the remote computer has iTunes and downloads podcasts by itself unattended, which I play over the TV set while doing other things - or when I'm just laying on the couch.

TiVo's will soon be able to handle podcast reception on their own, but at the moment a computer elsewhere in the house needs to act as a server. In this case the computer that had always been downloading the Podcasts.

So I looked for what, naturally? Veterinarian stuff. I have shows from three feeds so far, and talk about a range of production values!

***** Dr. Craig A. Smith, Tacoma Cat Hospital - my Favorite. Great advice, nice voice, good recording. This is what a podcast should be.

** Dr. Marty Becker, "Top Vets Talk Pets" This is the guy off 'Good Morning America'. Advice is probably good but the podcast sounds like the TV is on and you are just not watching it. Too much laughter and corny music, it's like a podcast for 7o year old women.

*** Vetcast America by Dr. JCC. Imposing sounding title - and the doctor has credentials - it also sounds like he made this with a pocket cassette recorder on the end of a toilet paper tube.

Podcast directories are not yet like Yahoo! or Google! where one all encompassing directory finds them all - so I'm still looking around. There are a few more feeds I have found where I don't have any shows yet, and we will see what those turn up.
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