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White Star Line


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Total Information Awareness

I know there was an LJ Locator that had this function

But this one seems to be MUCH better. So where are you?

I marked the cat sanctuaries as "shopping" so they would be color coded differently - and since each has a gift shop it sort of fits.

I also marked the two clubs I hope to be able to go to again before too long, and what I hope to be my new work and new school by the end of the year.

Just like Yahoogroups, there are already a bunch of competing groups on this site:

furries (636 members)
CAFurs (33 members)
SoCal Furries (37 members)
FurCon (27 members)
furryhu (2 members)

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c_eagle November 25th, 2005
There's no doubt this and myspace.com are being used, but I just find them really unpleasant interfaces to use..

Most complicated web page ever

titanic November 26th, 2005
frappr.com actually crashes webtv, which I still use. Many web pages don't display correctly or at all on a webtv (now MSNTV) but frappr.com is the only website I've found so far so complicated it actually makes the thing CRASH.

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