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BCL&H RightPlan PPO 40 w/Rx

I found out a log time ago that if you are married without children or other dependants, it is actually cheaper for you and your spouse to have separate health coverage than for one of you to have family coverage for the both of you. For some reason employers seem to only offer self or self & dependants, with no inbetween option.

However if you go to Blue Cross directly, you DO have the option choosing what dependants you want covered or not.

At present, neither martes OR myself have jobs that offer health coverage. Until that situation changes, I've decided that I need to get Roz this. I'm going to wait another 6 weeks, though, as it is too close to the end of the year, and we would never meet the deductible.

Once my employment situation changes I'll either add myself to the same plan or switch us to something better.
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