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White Star Line


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Blake Smug


Damn, I should have gone to see this in the theater. Much to my surprise, it was actually really good!

It was released today on DVD, definately worth the rental. I may even buy the thing.

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ruggels November 15th, 2005
I liked madegascar, and thought it was not pandering to the kids, It was light, and funny, and felt like the comedyof a Seinfeld sort of episode, or Friends. Not pretentious but smoothly done.


dustmeat November 15th, 2005
I know! Why was this movie not a bigger success? It was FUNNY.

Probably how it was plugged

titanic November 17th, 2005
"From the same people who brought you Shark tale".. That scared the audience away.

Alex & Blake belong to the same animation studio - Damn, the episodes that will never be. They DID do a Shrek crossover, too. I would hve loved to see Alex show up in Las Vegas. Ah well.

karmahappens November 15th, 2005
Definitely one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. I was very impressed with it!

calicougar November 16th, 2005
TOLD you. ;)

dannycat November 16th, 2005
Agreed, it was funny. We finally caught when it made the dollar movie. The penguins short was also great..saw it when we went to see Wallice and Grommet.

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