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It's finally cool enough to turn the fans off

And as you can see, it's 1:30 AM. I keep pretty much night hours during the summer as I can't use most of my computer equipment from 2 - 8 PM. The house is actually very well insulated, but most of my stuff is in the garage due to space considerations.

I am amazed at how many employment agencies there are out there. Both for full time and temporary jobs. Each lead I get seems to be from a new company. I'm concentrating on jobs I can find that are within the scope of he SC commuter bus lines I used to use to get to Santa Monica - they go close enough to the house and were nice, comfortable and quiet. I won't be able to afford another car for awhile, so that's sort of important.

I'm going through another iteration of selling off everything I can find in the garage that I'm not actually using. I'm not holding on to things I think I may need at some point in the future anymore. I haven't changed the configuration of the computers or network in several months so I'm proceeding with the assumption that this is the final arrangement and getting rid of the spare parts.

I actually got the ebay store front set up finally. www.huzzah.biz . Has the advantage of having the regular store items and the auction items all linked together, so this is now a doubly good time to keep auctions flowing, even if I didn't need to, which I do.

Found ANOTHER thing I did wrong on Friday. I should have made up a cover letter and a fancy printed version of my resume and brought them with me. All the interviewer had was a fax prinout from "arcnow" which was probably a regurgitated version of my monster.com resume, and that old version had deficiencies.

Well, later this morning I need to get copies of my credit reports - apparently there are some old ghosts on there I need to track down and exorcise. A serious employer wiht a good job is going to want to look at those and at the moment I don't know what they would see.
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