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White Star Line


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OK, Notice to all, please read

I have had two livejournals since I first started posing there over three years ago.

This journal has all my "serious" entries in it, anything realted to politics or well, anything I really care about. It's also where anything related to my new career field will go.

The space_wolf journal is much lighter reading and where I do most of my basic chatty stuff. If you find what I write here offensive, or even merely uninteresting, you are just in the wrong place.

I think there are only three people on both friends lists. Perhaps I have a split personality or some such.

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c_eagle November 6th, 2005
I'm fine with both...

titanic November 6th, 2005
I wish you could filter a freinds list by tags and not just by friends, it wouod eliminate the problem. Until then, I just have to have two separate journals.

thornwolf November 7th, 2005
May I ask you where your Blacksad Red Fox icons come from? They don't appear to come from the first two books and it seems the third hasn't been released yet.

martes November 7th, 2005
They're from the first book, in one of the police station scenes.

thornwolf November 7th, 2005
Thanks for that! I'll have to look at it, I haven't read the first one in awhile.

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