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White Star Line


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Would you buy from here?

I set up an ebay store for huzzah stuff (http://www.huzzah.biz/) and for the new cafepress promotional items (http://www.huzzah.net/) and thought I'd look around to see what some of the other ebay stores were like. I found this one:


Would you buy from a STORE with a -1 feedback???

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unciaa August 10th, 2002
Hey, anything that sells THE ADVANCED ACTION CORK SCREW, MUST SEE!! has my vote of confidence!

I missed that one

titanic August 10th, 2002
I'll have to go back and look

caffeinewabbit August 10th, 2002
Wow! What a great way to start off an eBay business :)
They might as well get a new username, that -1 has more or less doomed them.

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