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White Star Line


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Total Information Awareness

Proposition 75

I tend to walk around a lot these days, and I've noticed that everytime a fire truck goes by, everybody on it smiles and waves at me.


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dustmeat November 3rd, 2005
Either you look like one of their ranks, or they find you attractive.

titanic November 3rd, 2005
The firefighters out here are SUPER stereotypes, bald with big mustaches and all (which remembering my air force days makes me wonder about how oxygen masks fit).

Point is there is a proposition on the ballot next Tuesday which they are heavily campaigning against, so they are a lot friendlier than usual.


kvogel November 4th, 2005
ZOR did mention that he's lost weight... Maybe he's become a hottie?
Or it is just a cynical PR stunt.
On the other hand, He DOES look like a cop, so maybe it is something like that. I used to get the high sign from cops in years past, due to my residual military bearing.
( I still like the hottie idea)

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