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White Star Line


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Blake by TR

Finally, the dark clouds start to part......

It seems I finally got the GOOD job I wanted. On top of that, the best shift, as far as I'm concerned. Which means an extra dollar an hour of pay, which means I should break $10 an hour. TSA hired me at $12.13 and the benefits and promotion opportunities at this job are both actually better than what I had.

And being on the Graveyard shift is no sweat for someone who had to get up at 2:30 AM for the past three years. And it won't conflict with any of my other plans at all.

Happy me.

No watch something go disastrously wrong with it all....

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unciaa November 1st, 2005
What kind of a job is it? Or did I miss a previous entry...

Kinkos - Fedex

titanic November 1st, 2005
The job, pay, bebefits and hours all fit in with what I need. In addition, martes books will never be out of print again.

If all goes well. I won't be comfortable until I get the first paycheck.

dustmeat November 1st, 2005

titanic November 1st, 2005
I think your caps lock key is down.

shockwave77598 November 1st, 2005
Congrats! Good to hear someone having something positive happening today.

c_eagle November 2nd, 2005
graveyard came thru cuzza halloween luck!


titanic November 10th, 2005
Something DID go wrong. Figures.

Try, try again.

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