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New rulings in the State of Kansas may leave future wildlife preserves, private zoos and sanctuaries unrealized. In notes from an August, 2005 Department of Wildlife and Parks (DWP) meeting, Commissioner Kelly Johnston is quoted as saying, "To answer Commissioner Wilson, I am not in favor of allowing new facilities after the implementation date of this set of regulations." Kevin Jones, Director of Law Enforcement for the DWP, reiterates Johnston's stand by pointing out only current APHIS facilities will be granted a State Wildlife Permit.

The majority vote of the seven commissioners will institute new regulations. Kansas law allows the Governor to instill regulatory powers to various commissions. The Kansas DWP is one that can enact regulatory law without constituent vote.

Consideration over the issue will continue on January 19, 2006, 1:30pm, at Cabela's in Kansas City, Kansas. It is expected that the verbiage for the new regulatory law will be presented at this meeting before it is posted for the 60-day review period and possibly go into effect in March of 2006. This will give private owners, if talks of including a $500 permit fee and $250,000 liability insurance, another 90 days to either cough up the money or lose their cats. Where the animals can go seems of little concern to the Commission and many felines will face euthanasia.
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