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20 years of smoking left me with a persistent sore throat that would not go away, so I went to the doctor for an exam. This consisted of having a TV camera shoved up my nose. I did get prepped with something that was supposed to numb it all first, but that didn't take effect until after he was done. Then it took effect quite nicely.

Two doctors and a PA have now looked at it and all three said it was an infection, so now I am back on antibiotics. An infection caused by smoking cigars (I have stopped) drinking alcohol (I have stopped) and having post nasal drip from allergies. Unfortunately I stopped going to the allergy doctor as well.

My one remaining vice is that I drink way too much coffee, but I'm keeping that vice. It's a lot cheaper thant he other two anyway, a $5 can of coffee lasts more than a month, and then when I'm done with it I can use the can for a geocaching stash.
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