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There goes a Whizzbang....

8:35 PM, I'm out back walking along the Paseo. I hear a gunshot, and a ricochet goes by my left ear.

I'm retired Army, guys. I KNOW what that sounds like.

It came from the paseo entrance near where I enter it from my own home. In that direction, I saw one person in dark clothing, but not carrying any weapon I could see, walking slowly back into the housing area.

In the OTHER direction, I saw the taillights of a car driving away. And get this - it looked like a sheriff car.

I don't know what was being shot at, but at least it wasn't me. The shot that went by me had already hit something as it had a "whizz" to it - meaning the bullet was deformed. And actual near miss sounds very different.

I didn't call the Sheriff's department. Why bother, I'm already jaded like that.
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