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White Star Line


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Blake waiting

If you don't drink anymore...

Margarita glasses are great for Jell-O. And I have Butterscotch pudding in the martini glasses.

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mecampbellesq July 9th, 2005
As much as I love Butterscotch pudding, putting it in a martini glass seems kinds...sacreligeous, somehow...

Re: Uhhhhh...

titanic July 10th, 2005
Actually the butterscotch is in the Margarita glasses and the martini glasses have the jell-o.

I only have 6 Margarita glasses as I never drank those. I got lots of regular cocktail glasses (the familiar cone shape) and I make Jell-o in larger quantities.

I don't drink anymore, and I have all those glasses. Gotta do something with them.

Re: Uhhhhh...

mecampbellesq July 10th, 2005
Jello in the Martini glasses?
Oh, that's all right then...

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