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Independance day, 2005

Tried to go see "Batman Begins" but what I thought was a 3:45 start time turned out to be a 5PM start instead, and it lets out too late. So I'm home again listening to "Blue Mars" and waiting for the sun to go down so we can go see fireworks.

By far the best 4th I ever had was that eventful one at Anthrocon. Watching from Schirmeister's roof was also a real good time, but those days are gone forever.

It's going to be fairly uneventful around here until after SDCC when martes and I get back in the job market. I'm trying to line up a job at Kinko's as it will satisfy my immediate needs as well as be something I could keep as a second job if I do in fact eventually got back to TSA, which at the moment is still a possibility. I sure don't miss the 15-20 hours a week I spend on the road though - I'd much prefer something local. If I even rose to the rank of assistant manager I would equal my TSA paycheck - that job did not in fact pay particularly well. I had been under the belief that the benefits could not be equalled in the private sector but I now find that I was wrong.
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