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White Star Line


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I'm about to go from to .

Go me.

Does the color of those stars mean anything to anybody? Really?

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mortonfox July 2nd, 2005

As for your question: I actually pay more attention to the feedback number than the color of the star.

titanic July 2nd, 2005
Well, the purple star means I'm goign to break 500 in feedback.

matthigh July 3rd, 2005
The color of a person's Ebay star doesn't really mean much of anything to me. As a seller, I don't really care at all what their feedback rating is like - I'd say more than half of the people who have bought stuff from me have a feedback rating of 20 or less, and I average about one deadbeat bidder out of 100 or so.

As a buyer, feedback is a bit more important. The color of their star isn't such a big deal, though I am more comfortable buying from someone with a feedback of 5000 than someone with a feedback of 50. If their feedback is under 100, I usually check the actual feedback comments before making a purchase. Also, if their feedback rating is below 99.5%, I usually check their comments, and I almost never bid if their feedback is below 99.0%.

(Personally, I've got a "red star" on ebay - it was kinda neat when I got it, but since my star doesn't change color again until me feedback reaches 5000, I'm not holding my breath. More importantly, my feedback on ebay is still a pristine 100.0% positive, which frankly surprises me to no end, since I have had less-than-positive experiences with a few buyers, and I have left a few negatives for other people).

An interesting side-note: On average, between 80-90% of the transactions on ebay end up in feedback. Out of the 6000 or so transactions I've done on ebay in the past two years as a buyer and a seller, around 5000 of them have left feedback. This is very different from being an Amazon.com seller, where only around 10-20% of they buyers leave feedback. Out of the 1000-or-so items I've sold on Amazon.com in the past three months, only 160 have left feedback. Also, on Amazon.com you can leave a feedback rating between 1 and 5, and many buyers will consider leaving a 4 rating for a perfectly executed transaction, and only leave a 5 rating for outstanding or exceptional service. So as a seller, keeping a 5.0 rating on Amazon.com is nearly impossible (I've only managed to maintain a 4.8 there.)

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