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It seems like there is no good news anywhere.

Jeff Corwyn did a special about this place in 2002 that I recently taped. It included extensive interviews with the trusted guardians of the sanctuary. Today on CNN it was revealed that

The entire tiger population at the Sariska tiger reserve in western India has been killed by poachers.

The government of India refers to this as "embarrassing".

The Bengal Tiger population is now about half what it had been thought to be last month - as at least one other Tiger preserve has - well, no tigers in it. It was the one subspecies of the original eight that was thought to be relatively safe. Not so.

If your dead corpse can be sold for $140,000 under the right conditions (no other species has such a curse) and all of your habitat is going away anyway, it's pretty hopeless.

I caught that story on CNN as I was getting coffee this morning. It didn't help to have this story immediately follow it. So in February 70 yards was "too close to us and other people" but now 7 feet is just fine, provided it's a bear.
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