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White Star Line


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Gotta love California Law Enforcement

"A Tradition of Service". Conveniently leaves out what kind.

Came home today to find this piece of shit parked in front of my house.

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ruggels May 17th, 2005
Leave a post -it on it, asking when you can get your Parking space back?


Not appropriate

titanic May 17th, 2005
While I continue to have respect for both Federal and State law enforcement, County level officals have my utter contempt. In LA they are already well aware of that, which may well be why this thing is here.

matthigh May 17th, 2005
In California, the spaces on the streets in front of houses are entirely public, and anyone has the right to park there, for any reason. Lots of people get their noses bent out of shape when someone else parks in "their spot".


Also a law in California, that a vehicle can only be parked on the street for 72 hours at time. If it hasn't been moved within 72 hours, it is considered abandoned and can be ticketed, then towed. Even moving it a few feet counts. Parking enforcement will generally not enforce this rule *unless* someone complains, or the vehicle is disabled. So, three days from now, if the trailer is still there, it can be reported to parking enforcement -- fat chance they would ticket it, though, but it might feel good to report on the cops for breaking their own laws. :-)

prickvixen May 17th, 2005
Just spend all afternoon cracking a whip in front of it, so it keeps taking photos of the whip and issuing it tickets...

acrimonius May 17th, 2005
Hahahahahhah. Brilliant.

turbinerocks May 17th, 2005

altonwings May 17th, 2005
Plant a little metal flying saucer on it so that in every picture it shows a UFO. Then complain the government is covering up something big.

c_eagle May 18th, 2005
and not even a courtesy message to let you know about this in advance?? arrgh.
hmmmm... maybe cover it with magic invisible paint? ;>

jumpyfox May 21st, 2005
Find the neighbor closest to you who doesn't seem to give a crap what's in front of their house and just move it there and tell the police department that they were mistaken, they *didn't* leave it in front of your house. There's a lady two houses down from us here in D.C. that really couldn't care less what's in front of her house... really. She doesn't drive anyway. Do you remember the Cleveland area and it's bull shit no parking *all* city streets 3am to 6am

jumpyfox May 21st, 2005
Oops, this isn't Roz Gibson's journal. Titanic never lived in Cleveland.

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