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Darn it

LTB was sold out of every comic shop within 50 miles of here, and the copy I got off Ebay and paid for first class shipping still isn't here!

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ruggels April 29th, 2005


shoka April 29th, 2005
Lions, Tigers and Bears a newish comic from Image. A preview's available here.

It's another stuffed animals come to life to befriend a kid type comic, a'la Hero Bear and the Kid. But the LBT creators have managed to put out 3 comics in a timely fashion w/o a year or more's delay between issues.

mecampbellesq April 29th, 2005
If it's any consolation I have issues 2 and 3, but not issue 1! I have almost NO clue about what's going on!

The story line is a tad weak

titanic April 30th, 2005
It's intended for 5 year olds I suppose. I love the artwork though, I only get it for that.

Re: The story line is a tad weak

mecampbellesq April 30th, 2005
True dat about the story, but the art? oy!

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