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We now have TIVO

Fascinating device. I now never have to worry about the VCR being set incorrectly or being out of tape, and everything I want will just be there to watch whenever I have time. It has a bunch of other neat features too - it can stream either pictures or music from any PC on our home network - and if you have the latest software version (I don't as of yet) you can copy recordings off the Tivo to your regular computer hard drive and back- effectively eliminating the storage capacity problem.

YOu can also copy programs off to a VCR in real time if you absolutely still have to have something on tape.

It's a much better TV guide than anything printed as well. A search for CSI found no fewer than 16 different channels and showtimes over the course of a week, most of which I never knew about. Even the original show is on six times on three different channels.

The keyword search feature alone finds all sorts of stuff I would never know to look for. A search for "Tiger" found all sorts of neat stuff - but as can be expected, most of it was on the Golf channel.

It updates the memorized programming every few days or so - so it isn't always up to date if there is any breaking news that pre-empts stuff. For example the two CSI shows I thought it had recorded both turned out to be parts of ongoing coverage from the Vatican instead. And in another case it caught only part of a movie that had been delayed. Still, a hell of a lot better than VCR+ if you remember that.

OK, I admit it, I really bought it because Blake had one.
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