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White Star Line


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We now have TIVO

Fascinating device. I now never have to worry about the VCR being set incorrectly or being out of tape, and everything I want will just be there to watch whenever I have time. It has a bunch of other neat features too - it can stream either pictures or music from any PC on our home network - and if you have the latest software version (I don't as of yet) you can copy recordings off the Tivo to your regular computer hard drive and back- effectively eliminating the storage capacity problem.

YOu can also copy programs off to a VCR in real time if you absolutely still have to have something on tape.

It's a much better TV guide than anything printed as well. A search for CSI found no fewer than 16 different channels and showtimes over the course of a week, most of which I never knew about. Even the original show is on six times on three different channels.

The keyword search feature alone finds all sorts of stuff I would never know to look for. A search for "Tiger" found all sorts of neat stuff - but as can be expected, most of it was on the Golf channel.

It updates the memorized programming every few days or so - so it isn't always up to date if there is any breaking news that pre-empts stuff. For example the two CSI shows I thought it had recorded both turned out to be parts of ongoing coverage from the Vatican instead. And in another case it caught only part of a movie that had been delayed. Still, a hell of a lot better than VCR+ if you remember that.

OK, I admit it, I really bought it because Blake had one.

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c_eagle April 4th, 2005
Very helpful feature summary!

mecampbellesq April 4th, 2005
I don't know about Tivo: Not only does it tape the shows you tell it to, it tapes things it THINKS you'll like? I've heard horror stories about tivos taping a dozen episodes of the Jerry Springer and whatnot...

You can turn that off

titanic April 4th, 2005
YOu can tell it to record "suggestions" based on what it has determined you like to watch. I have that turned off - I just do a keyword search and set up everything I like to record manually.

On the other hand - you never can tell what that suggestiion thing might find for you.

I can have it record anything with the word "tiger" in the title or description - but unfortunately cannot tell it to filter out anything that also includes "golf" - so that feature is currently useless to me. Still, it's nice.

Re: You can turn that off

vulpesrex April 6th, 2005
What would happen if you made the word plural? "tigers" instead of "Tiger" might filter out ol' Red Shirt for you. Will it do phrases? Like "Siberian tigers", "Endangered tigers", "Pet tigers"?

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