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White Star Line


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Toshiba 14DL74 Flatscreen TV

Fry's had them on sale - so I now have a 14" flatscreen TV in my "Fortress of Solitude". I had decided about a year ago that I had bought my last CRT.

Compact, but unremarkable otherwise. The picture on the regular TV is better, and this cheap model doesn't have the connections to use it as a computer monitor. Still, it's a nice little TV. Comcast changed its service so that we don't need cable boxes anymore, which is way nice. I can get all 74 channels on this.

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unciaa March 27th, 2005
Oooh, that's a very lovely LJ icon you have there. <3
Any chance to see the full version? :)

It's from here

titanic March 28th, 2005
It's scanned from one of these books.


Once again, my icon is more interesting that anything I actually said.

Re: It's from here

unciaa March 28th, 2005
Sorry, just not a great fan of LCDs. :)

As for the previous posts, somehow "I agree" didn't seem fitting, given how much it meant to you. Replying to highly personal posts always makes me feel guilty about what I'd said, that I'm being insensitive and not putting in enough effort to make it count.
On the other hand, not replying period is doubtfully the better solution. Doomed if you do, doomed...

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