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OK, here's one for Ruggels

You've been silent through all this - and I know your opinion is no doubt very different from mine. So lets talk about what happened *after* the 23rd of February.

Ryan Broddrick (head of CA Fish & Game) is an idiot. He doesn't even know simple politics. Half the state is out for his blood and he announces that this operation was an "outstanding success". Fool.

It doesn't matter if he thinks it is a success or not. He should have publicly announced it was a failure. He should have gone down to Moorepark, lit a candle, left some flowers and announced his own internal investigation. Put the shooters on admin leave (with pay, I suppose) and let the thing blow over. Instead, he puts out a press release that states his men did a fine job of protecting public safety, when it is now clear they did nothing of the sort.

And as to the "marksmen"... shit. Four shots at a 12 foot wide target from 70 yards and they miss twice. Gotta wonder where those .338 slugs actually went. Wonder if that school or that housing development has any bullet holes in it.
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