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White Star Line


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Shooting is an accepted method for the euthanization of potentially dangerous exotic animals in the

How much of this shit is there? I've now found a similar incident in Florida and this one in New Jersey. The wording alone in this one makes me.........

I suppose there are no words for that. Sorry.

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dustmeat March 18th, 2005
Actually, there is a story like this every year. It is sadly common.
Have you thought about donating money to Tiger Haven? I used to.

I already decided

titanic March 18th, 2005
As soon as I have some other obligations out of the way, I'm going to start volunteer work up at This place. I'm far from wealthy, and my time would be more valuable than any money I could afford to give.

Of course, as the newbie, I'd just be cleaning up cat doody for the first few months.

And I thought Cleaning up Charlie's box was bad.

Re: I already decided

c_eagle March 19th, 2005
They look to be conservational, yup. I hope the breeding portion of their activities is to release rare species back into the wild?

Also, if you wanna get any insight and chat with someone who has been volunteering at a raptor conservatory for many years, there are lyosha and lanakila.

What wild?

dustmeat March 19th, 2005
One reason the breeding center is doing this is because the native environment for these great cats is gone or no longer safe :(
I have been there, and I used to give them money. Good people.

Re: What wild?

c_eagle March 20th, 2005
Ah.. well, that's pretty much all I was digging for.
My mom has given to many places over the years, and some have been real, while others have been revealed as shams in the news. We're just trying to become more well-informed these days.
Recently we even drove out to a few of them to get a first-hand look.
Thanks for the comment.

mortonfox March 18th, 2005
If they can't tranquilize it, they have to shoot it before it gets into the residential areas. Perhaps some people should think long and hard before keeping large exotic pets that could potentially escape.

c_eagle March 19th, 2005
That's just it, buddy... they didn't really even try :/

Never seems to happen

titanic March 19th, 2005
I've tracked down several such incidents that have taken place in the last decade or so. I have not come across a single incident where a tranquilizer gun has been used. On bears, yes. But without exception every tiger has been shot to death. It never changes.

Anybody carrying a T-gun was doing it just for show, and had two guys with assault rifles in tow.

(Anonymous) April 11th, 2005
It should be acceptable for humans, too...

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