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From: Abby Emma SBC
Date: 02/28/05 22:30:28

For those passing judgment before even asking us about the incident and taking the word of the press and others who are just vindictive. THANK YOU. It is a shame that rather than trying to find blame, we didn't try to ensure the survival of the animal, and other animals in the future. It appears that you like so many others miss the point.

If you have an animal that gets out, and it happens to the best even the large Zoo’s, you are faced with a huge dilemma. In State of California, if you notify the authorities the animal is dead. The rest of the animals you have may meet the same fate. They will not let you help or be involved with the re-capture. If you do not notify the authorities you may be able to save the animal, but you have to face the consequences.

You say you and [name omitted] would have moved Heaven and Earth. We have asked ourselves, where were you when this all started; when Julio got out and we immediately called authorities; when we had 72 hrs to relocate the animals, because of political pressures; when the tracks were found. You knew about all this, it was all over the news. And now you turn against us. For what purpose? What are you trying to achieve?

Are you trying to have the rest of our animals executed?I guess you do not care about them. You never even asked about Rocky or Ringo (Ringo stands to be put down since authorities have no tolerance for animals with any form of handicap).

Witnesses have already verified that Tuffy was not in Temecula weeks before we left and that we did not leave with him and that he never was at Moorpark.

Once we found out there was a cat loose we and others did everything we could, however, the State would not let us or other professional animal handlers get involved. Our hands were tied. The real problem here is how our State deals with these matters. The cat could and should have been tranquilized, but as we all know, they planned from the beginning to shoot the cat. Remember, this is driven by among others jealous animal people. Jealousy leads to deceit and then all animals loose.

What we really need to do is revamp Fish and Game.

Thank God Tuffy will have the last chuff.

Abby & Emma
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