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White Star Line


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So according to Hare Krishna......

OK, so no pornography so I don't become a tree (???), don't sleep too much so I won't be a bear (I get that one) but apparently what KIND of meat you eat has some serious consequences indeed!

So how do I make sure I get that upper right result?


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dustmeat March 16th, 2005
Sexy ent porn! I sill am baffled by that one.

mortonfox March 16th, 2005
A bear's not so bad. I don't think I sleep nearly enough to get that either.

desertcoyote March 16th, 2005
Upper right= It looks like you're supposed to grill hotdogs?

calicougar March 16th, 2005
These are pretty wacky! Aren't those indian paintings weird?

I think it's trying to portray Karma, that if you...

1. Lie around naked,
2. Eat lots of meat,
3. Are a lazy sloth,
4. Eat lots of meat and/or be wasteful

In your next life, you'll...

1. Be a tree and naked all the time, with men staring at your nakedness and climbing all over you? or something?

2. Be forced to eat nothing but meat with no hands?

3. Be forced to sleep all winter?

4. Become a meat animal?

yeah kinda dumb. I dont think the tiger is unhappy with his 'punishment'.

chipuni March 16th, 2005
I knew there was something good about porn, meat, and sleeping... and now I know.

Nifty pictures!

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