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Yeeeee Haaaaa! That was one dangerous cat.

MOORPARK, Calif. The tiger that was shot and killed while roaming Ventura County reportedly had been declawed and apparently was raised in captivity.

K-CAL T-V reports a necropsy determined that the tiger also weighed about 350 pounds rather than the original estimate of about 425 pounds. But state officials argued that the big cat could still be dangerous.

Note: The trackers at the scene reported the cat weighed 650 Lb. This cat was about the same size as your average deskbound computer geek.

Government trackers shot the black and orange cat Wednesday morning as it came within several hundred yards of soccer and baseball fields at the edge of a housing development in Moorpark. They had been following its paw prints for more than a week.

The baseball and soccer fields were empty,and everyone was indoors

Meanwhile, tonight, about 100 people held a candlelight vigil in Moorpark to protest the animal's killing. One protester held a sign that read "Goodbye beautiful animal."

I would have been there had I known about the event - I plan to find out how such things are organized - not that I ever hope to need that information again.

However, having been a government employee for 22 years, I also know the system. There was, unfortunately, no way to prevent this. Any controls put in place to protect the animal would be considered dangerous to the trackers, and would be ruled by whatever powers there were to be unusable.
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