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White Star Line


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They found out where he came from

The Ventura county Tiger was from here

It's too late to to anything.

use this to read it. Good for other sites that make you register to read stuff.

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desertcoyote February 27th, 2005
That was sad.... Given that the tiger had not bothered anyone, I don't see how the Fish and Game couldn't have tranquilized it... if it had made any aggressive moves then, they could be prepared to shoot to kill and I wouldn't mind that, but it sure seems that they made no effort at all to capture it alive. Our local Arizona Game and Fish has a similar attitude- any predator causes any kind of problem here whatsoever, it's dead, period. I don't like that. :P

c_eagle February 27th, 2005
The Bugmenot works other places, but I couldn't get it to work here.
Could you let us know where it was?

dustmeat February 27th, 2005
I heard all about that. Tragic waste of a beautiful cat.

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