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Old pots & pans

I just took a huge box of pots and pans to Goodwill. I was amazed at how many I had. And I STILL have five each of 1QT pots, 2Qt pots and frying pans. There are only four burners on the stove.

Given away were all my old pots with the non-stick wearing off, including the complete set I bought in 1982 when I was on active duty. I kept the complete Farberware set I got in 1991 and the Anolon set we got as a wedding present in 1996. Included were a number of actual US Army messhall pots that were either slightly corroded or somewhere along the line something got burned in one of them. Stuff I would pay maybe a dollar each for if I was buying used stuff. I had been keeping it mainly to use for camping if I ever got back into WW2 reenacting but that doesn't appear to be anywhere on the horizon.
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