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White Star Line


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DVD that works!

I was trying to get some screen captures for martes for a comission, and haven't been able to find a screen capture utility that actually captures the DVD image, just the frame around it.

I decided to try again with a different DVD player. Roz's DVD playr is an 8X, and the one I had in the garage (where I work) had also been an 8x until it left in the machine I built for ruggels. I found a 12X model on sale at Fry's and the additional speed seems to make all the difference, this one does not hiccup or pause they way the 8x did. Now I just need to find screen capture software that works.

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mistahbojangles August 8th, 2002
You already have software that can do that: PowerDVD. I have a copy of WinDVD if you can't make it work with PowerDVD.

unciaa August 9th, 2002
Well, PowerDVD by itself already comes with a Screen Capture option, but you otherwise just need something to capture Overlay; perhaps something like HyperSnap might work [can't test right now, don't have it installed under Win2k and am burning CDRs atm and cannot boot into Win98].

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