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Day off this week

Got groceries, cat litter, copied a few more forms for FSA, put away all of the clothes that CHARLIE PEED ON a couple of days ago. Cleaning house while I wait for the doctors office to open so I can get my allergy shots, then do a bunch of computer upgrades.

My main working computer is no longer the one in the garage, so the good CRT is now in the bedroom, and the better LCD display is now in the kitchen on martes machine. The garage computer now has two fuzzy klunky old 14" CRT's on it - but it does have two, which makes up a bit for the fact they both suck.

Played the online version of RAGE the other day - it went well, though I couldn't get the bedroom computer running with it in time, so it was only a two player game. Next time it will be at least three as martes and I can both play in the same game. We need to get calicougar set up s well - it will be a break from World of Warcraft, but it's a way to play rage online and it IS free.
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