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We have a program at work where you can have up to $4000 a year deducted from your pay pre-tax, and then whatever medical expenses are not covered by your health insurance, you can have reimbursed from that amount, even before you actually earn it.  I have this to the max.

Last year I had some very expensive dental work done and ran this dry by about April.  So far for January, our medical expenses are already more than $333.  In less than a month they will probably have gone over a full grand, so even wit this to the maximum, I'm spending it at a rate that will use it all up before the year is out.  It's mostly from dental work though our prescription drug expenses are pretty high as well.

Even with just me working, this saves us over a thousand dollars a year in taxes.  Plus, I spent money in April last year that I didnt earn for another 8 months, all interest free.  I'll know the full extent of how much this helped when I do the taxes next week.

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