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Well, it's actually been back since July, but I've not been home and just simply websurfing enough to notice until just now.

Blue Mars is absolutely the BEST ambient stream ever. When I was unemployed I used to listen to it for hours every day - then came CARP, and the station went off the air. For two years afterwards, the website remained up showing that ominous "0 listeners" indicator.

While moving some monitors around I noticed I still had the bluemars website bookmarked and on a whim checked it. Lo and behold, the station has been back since this summer, and has actually added a third stream.

This is fantastic music to have in the background while doing computer work - and since it is an independent station and not going through live365 or some such, there are NO commercials or interruptions.

You MUST give it a listen - this is absolutely the best internet music stream ever.
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