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Still sick - but getting better

The "nonproductive" cough I had all through the convention only got worse by sleeping in the unheated dry air camper van, and on Saturday I found my left ear to be filling up with some crud and starting to get painful. I knew I was pushing my lock driving the van home on Sunday so we left early - not that it did any good, the drive home still took 11 hours due to the detour, and by the time I got home I was ready to collapse.

I'm now on my second consecutive sick day from work - which I have never done before. Work has a problem with people using sick leave to get day soff that they otherwise would not be approved to dake off, Left ear is still full of crud but at least no longer hurts. Whatever antibiotics or whatever they gave me for the throat worked right away though, at this point it's just the ear.

And as a holdover from the pattern of 2004 - yippee gave me a CD of a group that sounded interesting - sop when I go to their website, naturally I read how they are breaking up after 2005. Figures.
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