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Regency New Years Eve Party

Now that I've become connected with most of the historical re-enactors in Southern California that don't shoot at each other (I know at least how to get back in touch with those that do when the time comes) I find that 90% of it is focused - interestingly enough - on the "Regency Era".

This is that period of time inbetween the Renaissance and the Crinoline era, or 1800 - 1824. Why this era? I'm not sure, but I'll try and find out later this evening. It's known as the Regency era because England was ruled by a Regent, not the actual King, who was insane at the time. Clothing styles were radically different from what came before or afterwards, the latter being where the beginnings of the modern style mens suit began to show up. "Normal" mens clothing basically stopped changing after WW1, as I could wear a 1920's suit and the average person would take little notice of it unless I had the hat on as well.

Women's clothing never stabilized s far as I can tell and just keeps changing. I still have no understanding of how female styles work. But outfits from this era are complicated and intricate - and the "Jane Austen" era seems to be the absolute favorite of romance novel writers the world over.

I don't do this era and have no real interest - or ability - to do so. It's far enough back that original garments do not turn up and are unusable if they do - otherwise they belong in a museum. to do this era correctly would require about a thousand dollars paid to a custom tailor in England - beyond my means or even real interest. My personal wardrobe goes back to about 1880 and that's as far as I care to go.

Shoot-em-up reenacting is for the layman - tonight I will be schmoozing with people WAY out of my social class as this is the hobby of near-millionaires and beyond. I'm still surprised I got hooked up with this crowd - it started back on July 4 on the Queen mary when I showed up to listen to MMR play 20's music and someone noticed I had on a perfect 1925 outfit and mistook me for someone of actual means.....
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