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The Aviator

I'll have to go see it again since I missed a good 20 minute chunk of it (see martes) but what I saw was very good indeed. Best part for me were the nightclub scenes, in 1927, 1930, 1936 and 1944, each with dead on accurate clothing and music. I even started singing along at one point and Roz had to stop me.

Imagine that same nightclub in about 1/5 scale, and you will know what the Argyle club used to be like.

None of the people who currently perform this stuff were used in the movie, apparently they are not hollywood grade, so I don't know any of the bands involved. I wish I was still available to do movie extra work, as I would have loved to be in those scenes, and could even have been a dress extra, as I have all the stuff. Oh well.
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