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Merry Christmas, everybody

Not much in the way of christmas stuff going on here. I've been home alone since Tuesday when Roz flew off to Cleveland for Christmas. But I've put the time to good use.

I've been doing a much needed and long overdue rearrangement of the house that we've been planing on doing for literally years and this was the opportunity to finally get it done. Once started, there was no turning back, I had to carry this through to completion. It took three whole days to get done. There are still bits in various places that need to be sorted and the garage now is a total mess, but that will have to wait for another day. I also have to decide where all of the pictures that I now finally have wall space for are going to hang.

An effect was the living room being piled high with boxes and other stuff that wasn't cleared out until just a few hours ago. So while I have a tree and lights and all that other stuff, ther was no place to set any of it up. I haven't even been listening to Christmas music, instead I've had 20's internet radio stations playing the entire time. It could be August as far as I'm concerned. But I needed to do this, and it was well worth it.

As a side note - I found out that 3 of the last 5 FOTP episodes will be shown the day after my birthday, and that will be the end of the show for network television. The last two episodes are being saved for the DVD release. These will be the Thanksgiving day episode (now shown after Christmas) another one that was specifically themed for November, and the episode that was supposed to be shown as the second one, as it has a lot of character setup in it. And they are showing it the day the show goes off the air.
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