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LAHA events & such

Last Sunday I spent the evening at Throop church in Pasadena learning the Victorian era dances I'll be doing tomorrow. Lots of fun. Its interesting to note how complicated dancing was up to 1900 and compare it to how it simplified up to the 70's where near as I can tell there were no longer identifiable dance steps.

On December 4 I'm going out again a week later to a similar event set in 1915 where the music is going to be mostly ragtime.

Then again a week after that is not an actual event but just an all day class. It's far away - actcally in San Diego this time, but its *my* time period - the 1920's. And the instructors are the same people who did the dance demonstration on the Queen Mary back in July, so I know they are really good.

Maybe I can get some leads on some other places to go that do 20's stuff now that it's apparent that the guy who ran the Argyle club is not planning to reopen it anywhere. Till then, I have lahacal
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