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White Star Line


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Working Wildlife

With the rearrangement of things at work, I now once again have the occasional chance to read on the job on slow days. Today I went through a bunch of the local freebie magazines we get on a regular basis, mostly full of advertisements for local stuff accompanied by articles written by whoever paid to put the add in. This is from the local santa Clarita magazine for November. It had a nice article abouy this place that apparently provides a lot of the wildlife you see in movies. It had NO refrence to what the name of the owner was. i didn't se that until I got home and actually brought up the website.

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bucky_boy November 16th, 2004
Since there are no hooters, I dough that it's the same one that we both know.

Hope that you get some good reading in on boring days.

c_eagle November 16th, 2004

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