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White Star Line


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The dell 4700 is here

Outside of a REALLY noisy fan, it seems to be working OK right out of the box. Interesting is that it has no PS2 ports on it at all - both the keyboard and the mouse are USB devices.

Later this evening - or tomorrow, I have to go about getting all of her data moved over. Hitch here is that thenew PC is running windows XP home edition - and I don't think I can retrograde it to the windows 2000 I am familiar with. At least not comfortably - something may seriously go wrong and void the warranty.

So we now have a 3.2 GHz P4.

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doodlesthegreat November 11th, 2004
It's a manufacturing thing. Minimizing the number and type of ports on a motherboard reduces the costs of design while freeing up system space, and making everything with a standardized connector type allows for uniformity in production of the peripherals.

Personally, I can't see of any reason to have serial, parallel, or PS/2 ports on systems these days, except for handling legacy hardware.

Call Dell about that possible 2K install. If it would void the warranty, you'll know for sure. You might get lucky. But XP should be able to read her 2K files. Emphasis on should...

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