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Goodbye AT&T

Their service is overpriced and crappy, and at the end of the year they are converting over to Cingular, which I am led to believe is also bad. So I just converted our AT&T mobile phone (the one that supposedly is martes phone) over to Tmobile on a family plan that shares minutes with my own phone.

In the past her phone has gone either unused, costing $35 for essentially nothing, or has been used on a trip, where the meager 10 minutes that AT&T gave us on that line were quickly overrun, and it cost even more. Now both lines share 400 minutes a month, with weekends free and mobile to mobile also included free. It also included a new relatively simple phone with a LONG battery life, which is more appropriate to the way she uses a phone.

Sometime in the next couple of days Tmobile will claim her number from AT&T and the new phone will work. I'll probably take the owners manual in to work tomorrow to see of there is anything special about it I need to know, probably not much since I got this specifically as a just talk kind of phone.

So insteadof $35+ a month, her numbe ris now a flat $20 unless we both start talkign on the phone at least 20 times as much as we have been, which is unlikely
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