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2004 Avalon Ball

At the Queen Mary. Right next to it is the loading dock for the "Catalina Express"> which is what we would be using. This is the event organizer (the same guy who did all of the Argyle club stuff) and part of the band.

The same band members getting on the boat, as they had to load first to get all of their stuff on. MMR is actually an 11 piece band, there are five more you don't see in this picture.

I found out after we left the dock that this was a HYDROFOIL. 30 MPH on land isn't all that impressive, but on the open sea it sure is. Even more amazing is that most of the trip was at teh same speed the Titanic was going on April 14, 1912. How are you going to survive and impact with an iceberg if you are moving like this? Fortunately in Southern California this was not a problem.

Inside the boat. There was a magician performing on the upper deck but he never came down to where we were, and he didn't perform at the show at all. Oh well.

LA Disappears into the background.

There's no scale to this thing in this picture, but this is what a modern Container Ship looks like. It's actually pretty at night the way they are lit up but my camera couldn't get any pictures of that. It was about a thousand times larger than what I was on. Maybe more, hard to tell.

Here we have the event organizer / master of ceremonies, the band leader and one of the two singers for the evening. This is the same guy that martes and I went to see once.

Now approaching the island, off in the distance we see the objective.

This shot came out rather nice. I suppose if I made it black and white it couod pass for 1938 or something. View would not have been significantly different. I get the distinct impression that all new construction on Catalina was halted around 1938, nothing new seems to have been built since then except for some apartment buildings, and that on a very limited scale. And you can't see them in this picture.

Getting off the boat, complete with welcoming Ukelele player.

OK, you all wanted to see. This is what I looked like for this particular event. It's an original 1939 linen dinner jacket but the rest of it is all modern stuff, including the dance shows I never danced in because I still have not had the time to learn how.

Most of the island visitors came on a much larger ship than we did. It's hard to see in this picture but at the top near the stern are two huge jet engines. For power or thrust, or both?

The entrance to the Avalon Casino / Ballroom at ground level, where there is a theater. The dance floor is all the way to the top. There are no stairs, the inside of it is all ramps. It was designed by the same guy who did Wrigley Field, except as you will see later, this DOES have lights.

The ballroom, complete with the largest circular dance floor in the world. For centuries prior to the construction of this ballroom you "traveled" when you danced, meaning you moved across the floor at the same time. Hence a big circular dance floor to accommodate the style of dancing in style that had been known for centuries.

Who knew that after hundreds of years of dancers "traveling", less than half a decade would pass before swing dancing came in, where you don't go anywhere. And everyone has danced in place ever since. Go figure.

I got a lot of dance pictures but they probably don't look all that interesting to someone not involved. I figure the trip pictures are more noteworthy. I include this one to show you the vintage dancers version of Michael Hirtes, about the middle of the picture, wearing a blue halloween T shirt and a scarecrow hat. WTF? I suppose every group has to have someone like this.

The night view from the top floor of Avalon.

Moras Modern Rythmists Playing GOOD music and not that swing crap.

Walking back to the boat, the Avalon Ballroom at night.

Apparently Catalina island takes their cats very seriously. There were several out and about, all apparently neutered, and well fed. I even saw a guy in a golf cart driving around putting out bowls of cat food in various places, and it seems that is an actual city job to do that! This cat had just finished off a Thunderbird puppet or something.

Ready to load the boat for the return trip

The return ride was a lot smoother than the ride out. LA appears on the horizon as a glow, much like Las Vegas does when you drive across the desert.

Queen mary. Blurry here as my camera does not do low light very well, but this is a rare view of the Starboard side that faces away from shore. And the trip is done. It was now actually Sunday.

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