Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Something for the "Caffene Quarterly"

Except I don't think it's being produced anymore. The magazine, that is.

I was just trying to purchase our tickets to geet to Anthrocon. Since it is apparently impossible to do it online at the moment, I got the phone number and then tried to dial it.

Yes, Dial. I like old phones. This particular one had not been used since before most of the people reading this were born. On the first number, the dial turned about a quarter of the way and then stuck.

In trying to force the dial to turn, I knocked over a Starbucks Vente Grande I had just bought, and about 22 Oz. of coffee went everywhere, pretty bad considering there are 6 computers in here, all of which are located on the floor.

Anyway, I cleaned up the mess, took the phone apart and got the dial working and called the airline. They wanted $900 for the same tickets orbitz wanted $493 for. So I hung up and went back online to try again. The problem with the online process had previously been that the airline needed to ship the tickets to us, and needed to confirm the billing address for the card. They only let me enter one address for this, and they are different, so it wouldn't work.

Now the problem instead seemed to be that everything I typed came out as w//br//3/g//. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the first time I have spilled something on a keyboard and had it actually *destroy* the keyboard. In this case the keyboard didn't cost much more than the coffee used to cause it to cease functioning, and I had a spare to replace it with, so it was merely annoying. I had to give up on paper tickets and settled for E-tickets so only one address would be needed, and it went through, so now we are going to Anthrocon on the nonstop flights R insisted on having.
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My cat just came in, looking like a reverse raccoon, or a WW1 pilot after he takes his goggles off. Why does she like dirt so much?
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