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Another episode with Blake & Victoria! YAY!

True, only for about 2 minutes, but at least they were both there.

I finally managed to get HDTV versions of the first three episodes. The quality is VASTLY superior to what I get on my own tv, both picture AND sound. I'm in the process of remaking all of my icons from the show. I'll get some great ones from what I just saw. B&V have cute kids.

Bittorrent had both HDTV and VCD versions of both and I did try to burn a VCD to see if my DVD player could show it but it doesn't work. I used a regular CD though - maybe I need to use a DVD. I can make a DVD as well but I need to find if it was the burn job or the file format that was bad or else I'm just wasting my time and an expensive DVD.

I'll give it a go after I get copies of the episode that was just shown. I know a DVD holds more.
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