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White Star Line


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Another episode with Blake & Victoria! YAY!

True, only for about 2 minutes, but at least they were both there.

I finally managed to get HDTV versions of the first three episodes. The quality is VASTLY superior to what I get on my own tv, both picture AND sound. I'm in the process of remaking all of my icons from the show. I'll get some great ones from what I just saw. B&V have cute kids.

Bittorrent had both HDTV and VCD versions of both and I did try to burn a VCD to see if my DVD player could show it but it doesn't work. I used a regular CD though - maybe I need to use a DVD. I can make a DVD as well but I need to find if it was the burn job or the file format that was bad or else I'm just wasting my time and an expensive DVD.

I'll give it a go after I get copies of the episode that was just shown. I know a DVD holds more.

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shockwave77598 September 22nd, 2004
VCD just uses CDs. Probably the problem is that not all DVD players can play them.

cabrius September 22nd, 2004
Try a CD-RW disc instead, if you can. Apparently the way they reflect light is closer to that of a 'real' pressed CD than CD-R discs are, so they tend to have better compatibility. (In my player, CD-RW discs work with the odd glitch, whereas CD-R discs don't work at all.)

A VCD won't necessarily tell you anything about DVD compatibility either, though it doesn't hurt to be able to burn VCDs anyway for stuff found only in that format. This table might help tell you what your player should work with.

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